Creative Financing Options For Small Business

There are a wealth of business opportunities on the Web. Some of them are in the form of network marketing, (also known as MLM), while others are affiliate opportunities. Then there’s the option one has of forming their own small business through selling products or services online. Either way, when one partakes in Internet business opportunities, they’re going to need a way to finance their enterprise. This is because even if a small business opportunity is free, there are still expenses associated with marketing it. Fortunately, through creative financing, several alternatives are available for funding a business without having to worry about the nuances of a small business loan. These creative financing alternatives include: credit cards, business cash advances and home equity loans.

Credit cards are a widely accessible funding option for small businesses. There are even credit cards available specifically for businesses, though you will usually need to have a business license to acquire them. This can be a problem for those utilizing business opportunities that do not require licensing. In these situations one may want to use a personal credit card. Personal credit cards can have limits almost as high as business credit cards, plus they can be used for other expenses.

Next, there are business cash advances. This is useful for small businesses that are licensed and accept credit card transactions. What happens is the company issuing the business cash advance purchases a portion of your projected credit card sales. Credit checks and business plans are not required. Payment is made from a percentage of sales that are made. It’s a small sacrifice to get tens, hundreds or even millions of dollars upfront. The only downside is that a small business will need to acquire a small amount of success before they can qualify for the advance. Most companies are looking for a small business to earn at least $2,500 a month in credit card sales before they will consider taking the risk. Additionally, the small business must be a licensed enterprise, and not a business opportunity scheme.

Finally, there is the option of getting a home equity loan. Like credit cards home equity loans can be used for personal purchases. And unlike business cash advances, home equity loans can be used for both small businesses and business opportunities. Best of all, home equity loans can offer very large amounts of money. It may not be as large as a business cash advance, but it is still more than enough to handle marketing expenses, especially if one is utilizing a free business opportunity. However, entrepreneurs will need to have good credit. If they don’t they can consider looking into subprime refinancing mortgages, though these can be extremely hard to find.

In conclusion, through credit cards, business cash advances and home equity loans, entrepreneurs can easily fund their small businesses or business opportunities without worrying about any extra hassles. In fact, these venues are so useful, entrepreneurs may never need to worry about acquiring business loans, grants or any other financing option that is harder to get.

Online Investment – Timing Is Everything

They say that ‘timing is everything’ and it’s never more than true when committing to an online investment. For the comedian, actor, athlete and politician timing is a key skill in success. Being in the right place at the right time is part of the skill (or luck) of any kind of success. The basketball or football player needs to be doing the right thing when the scout is about. The busker singing on the street can have their lives changed if a record producer happens to be walking past.

So is success down to luck – well yes and no. I’m a big believer in creating your own luck. If you put yourself about, take risks (albeit calculated ones) and put yourself in situations where opportunity can be seized.

The most common piece of investment advice given is ‘get into property’ and as a general rule it’s sound advice. Property in general appreciates in value over time and delivers a return on investment significantly better than any bank or savings scheme can offer. However – timing can make or break the investment opportunity. Many have been caught short by entering the property market at the wrong time and making very little – and in some sad cases ending up in negative equity. If you buy in a town that is on the rise – then you’ll make money from your investment. If you buy in town and a factory then lays of 1,000 employees causing widespread unemployment – there’s a good chance that you could lose money, see very little growth or have to wait a long time to see a return on your investment.

If I could give only one piece of investment advice it would be to develop the skill of being able to spot opportunities. Broaden your perspective – think laterally and learn how to read how events will shape things financially and then make calculated decisions based on those factors. If you can learn this new kind of thinking – then you will see investment opportunities others miss – and most importantly you will see them in time to get in early.

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Your Green Industry Business – Is It The Business You Wanted Or Does It Have A Mind Of Its Own?

One of the biggest mistakes most entrepreneurs make when they first get into business is failing to decide EXACTLY how they want their business to look in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, or even 10 years down the road.

How many hours do you want to work per week? What kind of clients do you want to have? What will your typical day look like? Will you have employees? How many employees? Will you be able to take vacations without the whole thing falling apart? How much money do you want

These are all questions that need to be answered IF you want to have a business you truly enjoy owning.

Unfortunately, when most entrepreneurs start their business, their vision of the future is pretty fuzzy. Beyond the simple fact they want to control their own destiny, they don’t really know where they’re headed and as result, where they often end up isn’t anywhere close to where they really want to be.

They end up with a business that holds them hostage, monopolizes ALL their time, and doesn’t provide nearly enough income to live the life they envisioned when they first set off on their own.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for many years now, it’s never too late to redesign your business to avoid this ‘business owner’s nightmare’.

Here are 5 steps you can take right now to redesign your business so that it gives you the results you really want:

1. Decide EXACTLY what you want your business to look like.

The very first step to creating a business that gives you the life you want is to decide exactly what that life is and what your business needs to look like to make that happen.

It could be that you only want to work 3 days a week and spend the rest of your work week volunteering with a local charity. Or perhaps you want to take a full month off during the summer.

No matter what you want your business to look like, if you don’t have a very clear picture in your mind, it’ll never happen. So the first step to creating your ideal business is to actually sit down and ‘draw’ a crystal clear picture of what this business will look like.

Don’t hold back. Map out every specific detail so there are no questions in anyone’s mind. The clearer the picture, the more power and pull it will have in helping you achieve the desired result.

2. Look outside your specific business/industry/niche to find examples to emulate.

Once you have a clear picture of what you want your new business to look like, your next task is to look for examples of other businesses that are similar to what you want.

Unfortunately, chances are that if you look for these examples within your own industry you won’t have very much luck.

So, you’ll need to look outside your specific industry to find these examples to follow. Why is this? Well, in most cases the business owners within your industry are saddled by the same limiting beliefs and practices that have held you down for so long.

The only way to get a fresh perspective is to analyze businesses that have actually created the kind of business you want for yourself.

Only want to only work a few days a week? Check out the chiropractic industry because there are countless chiropractors that only work a few days a week. How do they do it? What people, procedures, or systems are necessary to make it work?

Want to work remotely while your staff handles all of the day to day activities? Look into the online marketing world where there are dozens of super-successful business owners that operate completely virtual staffs.

Now obviously there are tactics, processes, and systems that don’t translate directly from one industry to the next, but don’t let that stop you. Study these other businesses and identify those ‘things’ that DO translate to your business.

3. Make a list of things that MUST happen in order to make the dream a reality.

Once you’ve identified these other businesses and you’ve studied them to find the ways you can implement their processes and procedures in your business, sit down and make a list of tasks that need to happen.

Don’t worry about creating a lengthy list of tasks. If you write until you can’t think of anything else, you really should have a list ranging in size from a dozen or so, all the way up to several hundred tasks. This isn’t uncommon.

The key is to simply make a master task list. No matter how small the task might appear, add it to the list. At the end of the day, even the little tasks contribute to your ability to design this ‘ideal’ business and shouldn’t be overlooked.

4. Focus ONLY on the top 2-3 tasks at a time.

Once you have this master task list, identify the top 2-3 tasks. These are the tasks that need to happen first in order to make creating your ideal business a reality. Focus all your attention and efforts on these 2-3 tasks until they are completed.

Once you’ve completed these first 2-3 tasks, move onto the next 2-3 that are next on the list.

By focusing on only 2-3 tasks at a time you’re able to pour all of your time, attention, and energy into making them happen and you’ll quickly find yourself much closer to your ideal business.

Otherwise, you end up trying to do too much at once, you’re stretched in many different directions, and ultimately, nothing ends up getting done.

5. Let go!

This step might be the most difficult step of all.

As you begin working your way through the list you’ve created, one of the things you’ll quickly realize is the need to delegate many of the tasks you’ve been performing for so long.

Truth is, it’s these very tasks that have kept you chained to your business up until now!

By letting go and delegating tasks that other could and should be performing, you free yourself up to focus on tasks and activities that ultimately add value to the business. In most cases, the tasks that should be delegate are no doubt important, but tasks that could be performed faster, cheaper, and better by someone else.


If you find yourself stuck with a business that is a total nightmare, it may very well be time to re-examine how your business is designed.

If your business is designing your dreams and goals for you, these 5 steps will help you seize control of your business so you can design it according to your dreams and goals instead.