No Internet Business “Model” – No Internet Business

If you don’t have a business model, you don’t have a business! At least you won’t have one for long. A business model forms the foundation for your business. Yes, that includes internet businesses too. Without a good rock hard foundation your business new or old will come crashing down!

A very good model will take into account “all” the basic needs and requirements of your business or any business really. Unfortunately, most people who start up a business don’t find out their needs and requirements until it is too late or until they have already lost a great deal of money. This is why a very large percent of businesses go under and go under fast, especially internet businesses. It appears the general mindset for many of our internet business pioneers is that once they get their web site constructed all their problems will go away. Indeed, this is when their problems begin to unveil themselves!

Now being prepared to take on all the pitfalls, traps, snags and snares possible when opening up your business is not all that easy. Quite difficult actually. Hence, the need for a very good business model or system. Without it your business will eventually start to decay, then rot and finally disappear from existence along with many others. You don’t have to worry, you will have lots of company from all the other businesses doing the same.

However, being “prepared” to open a business and have it succeed isn’t an impossibility. There are people who have the “knowledge” and “experience” necessary to guide you around almost all of the hazards of starting your business. I did say “almost” all the hazards! There is always the “unexpected” lurking around the corner. However, with good management of your internet business you can even overcome the unexpected, because your good business model or foundation takes care of everything, including taking into account good management. A good business manager will be able to find a way to solve even the unexpected.

You may have noticed I have been using the words model and foundation pretty much interchangeably. I should make it clear that a solid foundation has to be the center of any and all businesses! A business “model”. is a proven foundation for the business you are going to be engaging in. A business model would be something you could replicate for your business. Not all businesses have the same model, different businesses would need to have their own specific model, because of their genuine and unique properties. Obviously the business model for a trucking company would have to differ from that of a modeling agency. These are both vastly different businesses requiring their own unique business model.

Most of the basic parts of a solid foundation would hold true for all businesses, but a model would be best suited for only one type business. You would have a model for trucking companies, for example and you would have a different model for modeling agencies. Once you have a model for “your” type business all you have to do is copy its specific guidelines and your on your way to the operation of a very successful business. The model has already been tested and honed to be something you can emulate and almost be guaranteed of success. Keep in mind there are no 100% guarantees in any business, but your odds are immensely improved if you use a tried and tested model designed for your type business. You may be wondering where you might get the ultimate model for your use. Well, there are very experienced entrepreneurs out there who have been there, done that and are willing to let you know their secrets.

If you are considering the start up of an internet business its in your best interest to read my review. My current review is on a model for an internet home based business starting from the bottom and working it to the top, with special design consideration for the total newbie in mind. A “newbie” being one who is new to business or the internet or both, but also excellent source for the more advanced.