Finding the Best Business Credit Card For You

Just like with choosing a personal credit card, choosing a business credit card that’s right for your business can prove to be a challenging task. Of all the business credit cards available in the market, which one is the best? More importantly, which one should you choose? This article contains some tips on finding the best business credit card that suits your needs. Consider the following pointers:

Corporate or Small Business Credit Card?

The type of business you have is the first thing to consider. If you’re running a corporation or a large company, a corporate credit card is the credit card designed to meet your needs. Corporate credit cards are not advertised but if you need one, all you have to do is call your preferred credit card company and make arrangements. A representative would be sent to meet with you and your executive team so you can discuss the specific needs and the application process can be started.

On the other hand, home based entrepreneurs or small business owners can apply for small business credit card more easily. You can choose from a number of available small business credit cards that can be found online. Submitting your application can also be done online and the approval or response to your application can be received within minutes.

Checking the Credit Card Costs

As we’ve said, you can find a number of small business credit cards available to you. Naturally, you’ll want to choose a business credit card that offers the best rates. A low interest rate is great but it does not always guarantee the best deal. Some business credit cards may offer a low interest or a zero interest rate, but this may only be for a limited time period. Thus, it’s a good idea to check how long the introductory offer lasts and how much the interest rate would be after that.

In addition, don’t forget that the interest rate isn’t the only cost associated with the card. Examine whether the rest of the fees and charges such as the annual fee, late fee, balance transfer fee, transaction fees, etc. are reasonable as well. To learn about the true costs of your business credit card, carefully read the fine print. The Terms and Conditions should disclose not only the interest rate but the rest of the fees that comes with the business credit card.

Different Business Rewards Programs

Business credit cards are also accompanied by various types of rewards programs. Choose a reward program that best matches the nature of your business, the spending style of your business, and the potential of your business. For example, if your business involves frequent travels, why not apply for a business credit card with a Frequent Flyer Miles Program? If you’re running a business that buys a lot of product for resale, perhaps it is more practical to apply for a Cash Back business credit card instead. Finding a rewards program that complements your business style ensures that you can accumulate those points more quickly so you can enjoy your rewards to the fullest.